RAW 001

“A real recording without any effect” by Basel Amro
Recorded on Oct. 20th, 2012 in Aleppo, Syria.

“On that day, there was a heavily clashes between Assad’s forces and Free Army in my area (Salah Aldeen, Aleppo), mortar, shelling, bombing… are used. The sounds were louder and more scaring than what they sound in the recording, I even was hearing the shell flying above my street. I used my mobile phone to record it.

What did push me to record it is to send a message to the world of what is happening in our country, in those moments the dusts covered the area, my brother was dying (he dead one month later, by the way) I think you noticed the kid’s voice, she’s 2 years old and her family and mine were the only two families whom existence in our street because a few families (like mine) had to come back to their houses instead of asking for help from their relatives or friends, anyway we left the country finally.”

– Basel Amro

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