WELTHASSLE is an archive focus on radical sound art, critical phonography, extreme field recordings, aural culture and contemporary social-political thought. 1

This sound archive is meant to support people behind them through the act of listening. Their stories tell us something that usually is forgotten in the sound recordings history. 2

Everything that we leave out of the range of the listening act, not of hearing, betrays us. To listen is a way of not forgetting and of remembering, but also of recognition and justice. 3

RAW Series is a collection of uncooked field recordings which are somehow unforgettable: we are witnesses against our vanishing. They invite us for an ethical listening of extremely vulnerable situations. 4 Listener discretion is advised.

This is a non-profit research collection of sound archives and not a record label. We can call it sonic journalism. We don’t own anything and we’ll remove on request.