RAW 002 – War is not quiet

“War is not quiet” by Sebastian Meyer
Recorded on March 11th, 2011 in Ras Lanuf, Libya.
Duration: 01:23 min.

Bomb (00:33 min.)
Gunfire (00:50 min.)

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“War is not quiet. In fact, it is the opposite: loud. Very loud. (…) Photographs, on the other hand, don’t make any noise. They don’t even move. So it is really hard (although not impossible) to translate the sounds and chaos of war into a photograph.(…) There is something terrifying in the sound, that the photograph just can’t capture. There is no composition to the sound. No thought. Just the raw noise of a bomb falling and exploding. And that’s what it’s like to be there. Raw. Unpredictable. And very very loud.”
The End Of Silence by Matthew Herbert.
Guernica by José Luis Espejo.